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Dear Friend,
If you landed on this website and you're reading this right now, it can only mean one thing; that you're interested in how to start making money  – whatever your reason is, your family, travel around the world, luxury lifestyle, your dream car or dream house…

...whatever you want. If that's not what you are interested in, then I wouldn't want to waste your time and you may close this letter.

But if you are interested in how you can be financially independent, successful, and have the peace of mind that your financial future is safe and secure, then I warmly welcome you to read further.

But before I continue, I believe a proper introduction is in order.

My name is Michael Bolduc, and I'm a self-made millionaire, who went from broke to financial independence in just 3.5 years. And just so I can prove what I'm telling you, here are some newspaper and magazine clippings to back it up...
  • How to manage your state for peak performance every day
  • How to get and stay motivated along the way of reaching your sales targets
  • How to create instant rapport and trust with anyone you meet
  • How to ask questions to take immediate control of your prospect's focus 
  • Cutting edge new ways to turn objections into opportunities
  • How to double your income in half the time
  • And I will share with you the most coveted Secrets of millionaire sales people, from every industry
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"Michael Bolduc is the World's #1 Coach to Set & Achieve Goals"
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Before talking about the details, such as what specific secrets are revealed in this book, let me assure you that this book is guaranteed to help you be a master the influence skill, and that there is absolutely NO RISK to you.
Please let me tell you about why you have nothing to lose...
First, these secrets are what I used to personally mentor thousands of people to increase their income by 30% to as much as 600% or more! So I know first-hand that these techniques work for me, and for everybody who I have taught it to.
Here are some of the people who have used these secrets…
600% increase in income
Doubled His Income Within 7 Months!
"Since I got his coaching I increased my income by 600% in 2 I definitely encourage you to hire Michael as a success coach."
~ Akira Iguchi
"I have already doubled my income, registered for the CFA program, and completed my own financial coaching program."
~ Sebastien Leblond
Made $52,000 Within Just 3 Months!
Doubled her Income!
"I achieved my goal of making $52,000 in just three months!"
~ Yamamoto Hiroshi
"From 8 clients to 18 client with Michael's coaching."
~ Aki Kanou
$31,000 in a month
"After Michael's coaching certification course, I got 10 coaching clients and made $31,000 in a month. I borrowed from Japanese government to attend his seminar, and it paid off only in a month. I now have over 30 clients and they are achieving their goals as well. Last year my sales were less than $52,000, but my sales forecast for this year is 3 times more than last year. My life was changed since I met Michael, thank you. I would like to contribute to society using Michael's skills."
~ Koji Shiraishi
You need to know why this book is not your typical book on persuasion. What makes this book so different is that it only contains applied and proven, real world techniques which I have personally used to build a fortune.

Everybody I have taught these secrets to has become proficient in the skill of influence.

I should know… I run the number one success coaching certification school in the world, and my graduates regularly go on to earn six figure incomes, sometimes within the first month or two of graduating!

The success coaches that graduate from my school have learned many of the secrets I share with you in the book. In my course, these students didn’t just learn how to become great success coaches; they learned how to sell their coaching service! That is why the average life coach with 5 years experience is only earning $37,500 while my new graduates are pulling in six figures - $100k fresh out of graduation!
What about you – do you want to 
earn a six-figure income?
Do you want to learn:

To be able to build instant rapport with your prospects and customers?

How to get yourself into a determined state so you can persist with your sales calls?

How to use unconscious persuasion techniques to influence nearly any one in any context?

How to earn a six-figure income with skills you can learn in as little as 10 days?
“Secrets is a wonderful book That Have Taught Thousands The Mastery of the laws of  Persuasion.”
Here is what my good friend Jack Canfield had to say about Secrets:
For Michael Bolduc to reach the level of success he has achieved, with a traumatic background and not even a high school education, proves that there are principles at play here that have nothing to do with pedigree.
~ Jack Canfield,
renowned author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and NY Times best seller The Success Principles, and featured teacher in the movie The Secret.
Now there are many books out there on the subject of persuasion, and if you thought this was just another long boring manual on how to influence people, then Secrets is going to shock you.
Forget about the hundreds of sales books on the shelves that contain every sales technique known to man. If you're interested in fast-tracking your ability to persuade and to learn at lightning speed exactly what it takes to influence others, then pick up Secrets right now, and learn from a self made millionaire that knows exactly what works!
What’s in this book?
I’m sure by now you are wondering what exactly is in this book? What is the information that transformed my life and the lives of those I mentored in the sales profession?
Let me give you an idea by summarizing each of the chapters for you.
Each Chapter reveals TO YOU the secrets I used to go from broke to self-made millionaire in 3.5 years…
 Chapter 1: The Salesperson's Dream
The profession of sales holds for you the promise of almost unlimited rewards. 
And Mastery requires a congruent committed decision to learn the sales skill. 

In Chapter 1 Michael asks you to make that decision, and to commit to do whatever it takes to 
become a Millionaire Sales Master.
 Chapter 2: Just One Sales Secret
In this chapter you learn that Sales is a science with predictable laws of persuasion that, 
if you follow consistently enough, will allow you to achieve a level of income that is far beyond the average salesperson. 

In fact, just one sales secret was enough for Michael to build one of the most successful coaching businesses in the world, earning over $1 million in a single year. 

Michael teaches you that “Whenever two people interact, whoever is the most certain (as long as there is rapport) will influence the other person.
Chapter 3: The Force that Makes Us Buy Now
In this chapter you learn about the twin forces that drive all human behavior, the desire to gain pleasure and the desire to avoid pain. You learn that the secret to success in sales is to use pain and pleasure to motivate people to buy now. 

You also learn how most people are focused on what it is going to cost them to buy your product or service, and that our job as sales people is to focus the prospect on what it will cost if they don’t buy now. 
In this jam-packed and powerful chapter Michael shares with you the master tools of influence: state management, rapport, controlling focus with questions, persuasion psychology, framing, pattern interruptions and anchoring.

 Michael also explains the law of contrast, the law of commitment, the law of consistency and the law of reciprocation and how you can use these laws to powerfully influence others.
Chapter 5: The Power of the 
Unconscious Mind
 In this chapter you learn that the unconscious mind is 10,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. And you learn to use incantations to take control of your unconscious mind. 

You also learn about the law of determination, the law of confidence, and the law of caring, and how you can program yourself to be more confident, determined and more caring toward your customers.
That’s just the first 3 days… by the time you get to Day 10 you are going to have everything you need to become a sales master and achieve even your most ambitious sales targets.
“How do I know what you teach really works 
in the real world?”
Don’t only take it from me. Here are just a few success stories where my students have made measurable gains using the sales secrets you will discover...
Doubled Income
$26,000 per month income
"Since Michael and I began working together, I've doubled my take home pay and improved the overall revenue from my business. Our work together has helped me to improve my focus, and my results showed a jump very quickly."
~ Jason Lexell
"Within only 30 days of Michael's coaching my clients increased from 2 to 11. And my conversion rate went up to 68% high. Within 2 months after coaching with him, I achieved $26,000 income a month."
~ Fukiko Kobayashi
Doubled Income
Tripled Income
"I went from 15,000 per month to 31,000 per month within 7 months with Michael's coaching."
~ Mamoru Nakamura
"With Michael's coaching I was able to go from $3,000 to $10,000 income per month – a 300% increase in income!"
~ Hiro Yoshida
Never been happier
68% Closing Rate
"My consulting companies have exploded "100- fold." Because of Michaels training and coaching I've never been happier."
~ Chris Mentillo MSc DD
"With Michael's coaching, I started my coaching business and gained 11 clients in the first 5 months. And my closing rate is 68%! I could raise more than US$23,000 in the first few months."
~ Misato Okamura
Employment within 3 months
Patterns of Success
"I was laid off from my job during the 2008-2009 recession…and within 3 months I secured my ideal job, as an executive director, the compensation is more than what we discussed.."
~ Wayne Schmidt
"He showed me my patterns of success and how to use it...after that, it's so much easier to accomplish my short-term goals. Michael is able to understand what's blocking you from achieving success, so that you can achieve your goals."
~ Patric Chan, Co-Author, Clicking Cash
Extra profit
Quadrupled Income
"I could make $13,000 extra profit per month with Michael's coaching."

~ Yoshio Nozaki
"In my first whole month with Michael, I doubled my income! The second month with Michael I doubled it again! (a 400% increase)"

~ Tony Husted
These students all learned some secrets which catapulted them to sales success. And you don’t have to know what they know, but be warned...
What you don’t know can hurt you, because there are certain principles that if you apply them, will make all the difference in your sales income. Not knowing these things means you are literally leaving money on the table.
“So…what else will I learn from Secrets?”
In secrets you will learn:
  • How to interrupt a prospect's negative thinking pattern, and to redirect their focus to make the sale.
  •  The Power of Questions – and what key questions you need to ask your prospects, and when to ask them!
  •  To understand the force that makes us buy now, and about the reasons why people don’t buy.
  •  The most important tools you can use to persuade, or what I call the master tools of influence.
And much, much more!

Here are more detailed descriptions of some of the chapters:
 Chapter 6: How to Create Instant Rapport
In this chapter you learn that “rapport” leads to “responsiveness” and that a lack of responsiveness means a lack of rapport. Without rapport you will be unable to lead your prospect with questions and to control his focus. 

Michael reviews with you the elements of rapport, the agreement frame, the dangers of the word BUT and the power of matching and mirroring to build instant rapport.
 Chapter 7: Sales is a Contact Sport
Sales is a contact sport – the more you contact the more you make. In Chapter 7 you will learn the law of numbers, and how knowing your conversion rate is critical to motivating yourself to take action. 

Knowing your conversion rate means you know exactly how much each phone call you make is worth, and that rejections only mean you are getting closer to a YES. 

You also learn that the best way to reach your sales target is to hire a coach to keep you accountable.
 Chapter 8: Question Your Way 
to Make the Sale
In this chapter Michael shows you how to use the most powerful tool of influence available – questions. Questions control focus and they allow you to take immediate and complete control of your prospect’s brain. The brain is always evaluating what it should focus on, what does it mean and what should it do. 

Through the skillful use of questions you can help the prospect to focus on the relevant information, evaluate what it means and take action on purchasing your product or service. 
 Chapter 9: How to Diagnose 
the Hidden Problem
In Chapter 9, How to diagnose the Hidden Problem, you learn how to ask problem-focused questions, so that you can diagnose the problem or need before offering a solution. 

You need to be able to assess the prospect’s values and beliefs (or buying rules) before you can make them an offer which will be well received. 

Michael shows you the exact process you need to follow to find out what is really important to your prospect, and what has to happen before he feels the product will meet his wants and needs.
 Chapter 10: Prescribing the Solution 
with Impact
In this chapter master millionaire persuador Michael Bolduc will show you how to tailor your presentation to the prospective buyer, based on your understanding of his exact needs and wants. You will learn how to use not just your words, which is only 7% of your communication, but your tonality and physiology, which is 93% of communication, to make a big impact on your prospect. 

You will also learn about the law of benefits, the law of proof, and the law of urgency & scarcity. Finally you will learn how to help your prospect see, hear and feel the benefits of your product or service.
 Chapter 11: Don’t Close
In this chapter you will learn the most powerful method to measure the buying desire of your prospect – the “test close”. You will learn about the Opportunity Test Close and the Exchange Test Close, two extremely effective techniques Michael uses to gauge the buying readiness of his prospects. 

Millionaire sales masters all agree – in order to know exactly what to say, and when to say it, never close - test-close!
“Can I really learn the secrets to becoming a millionaire sales master in just 10 days?”
The key to learning is applying. Can you learn the secrets of millionaire sales masters in just 10 days? Yes you can, and this book is designed so that you can pace yourself through the book, reading just one or two chapters a day and doing the exercises in the book, for 10 days.
However the key to true learning is application – you need to put into practice what you learn right away. That is why each day has a series of exercises to ensure you really understand and can use the information in the chapters.
You can be one of the few who have the inside track on how to reach your sales target faster than you ever thought possible, if you act quickly.
You must act now!
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You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Order your copy of this book right now.
What else is in this book?
Here are more detailed descriptions of the last 3 days...
 Chapter 12: The Ultimate Sales Close
With the ultimate sales close there is no pressure or heavy-handed techniques, instead you naturally walk your prospect through to the conclusion of the sale. 

In fact the close is the easiest part of any presentation, provided that a great job in preparing for the close is done up front. In this chapter you will learn how to use the Assumption Close to easily lead your prospect to the purchase. 

You will also learn about the Order Blank close, the Proposal close, the Minor close, the Alternative Choice close, the Congratulations close, the Laughing close and the Contrast close.
 Chapter 13: Turn Their Objections 
into Questions
In this chapter you will learn the 5 secrets millionaire sales masters understand about overcoming objections. These 5 secrets make dealing with objections easy and enjoyable. 

You will learn that objections are nothing but questions in disguise and to always agree with the objection your prospect gives you. You will learn to ignore the objection the first time, and the reason why this is effective. And you will learn to preframe and redirect your prospect. 

In addition to these 5 secrets, you will also learn the 5 steps to overcoming any objection, by agreeing with intention and emotion and understanding that isolating an objection is a great way to set up the close. You will also learn how to turn an objection into a problem-solving question and to prepare an intelligent answer to every objection. Finally you will learn to assume the sale after you have handled the objection. 
DAY 10
 Chapter 14: The 7 Follow-up Rule
Consistent follow-ups are the key to making high-volume sales in your company or business. Yet statistics show that 48% of Salespeople never follow-up with their prospects. 

Of those who do, only 10% of Salespeople make more than three contacts, while 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact! So why don’t most Salespeople follow up more? 

In this chapter Michael shares with you how to overcome fears of rejection through visualization and using your conversion rate as motivation. You will learn a proven system to consistently follow up and make more sales.
 Chapter 15: Future Pacing to 
Eliminate Buyer Remorse
One of the major problems in sales is “Buyer Remorse,” which means that a customer buys your product or service and later feels bad about doing so. Typically what happens to buyers with remorse is they go back home, they change their mind about their purchasing decision, and they cancel their order with you.

What if you could learn a proven method to significantly reduce buyer remorse and increase sales? 

In the final chapter of Secrets Millionaire Master Persuader Michael Bolduc shows you how to use the power of future pacing to eliminate the problems that come when buyers have second thoughts about purchasing your product.
My friend, I want to welcome you to take an important step toward securing your financial future. Get this book now and make sales faster than you ever thought possible.

I've sold over 300,000 books on the subject of success, but I've never before written a book so jam-packed with proven strategies, instructive anecdotes and powerful tools for getting results – and making the sale!

Secrets is an easy to understand, easy to apply and very readable book on exactly what you need to learn and apply to be a master salesperson.
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Michael Bolduc

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